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Online Resources

This is a work-in-progress page where I will be adding links to useful resources for English language teachers over time.  For now, it includes a few of my go-to sites for quick and easy lessons.


Ankiweb:  A free tool which allows you to create flashcard decks for students.  Once you input and create learner decks, you can share these either publicly, or download and send the deck files to your students to integrate on their phone apps (Ankidroid on Google Play).  There are an abundance of tutorial videos on Youtube if you’re stuck.


Teachit ELT:  An online repository of English Language Training resources, categorized by level, skill, specialism, etc.  Pdfs are accessible with the free membership, but do explore other paid options to access more materials (and support the nice community of contributors).




Jakub Marian’s Language Learning, Science & Art:  A beautifully designed website chock-full of wonderful resources for interactive lessons.  Use the maps section to get students to explain concepts and comparisons.  The author also has some very nice ebook resources on offer.

cost-of-living-index  Practically every article is the start of a great discussion.  Lots of visual storytelling and interactive maps to use on the big screen (rather than printing).



Ted Ed:  Short video lessons provided by the TED team of contributors.  Most come with lesson plans for how to present the videos and lead a discussion.

ted-ed-icon  Quick and dirty grammar quizzes and explanations in a rather neatly structured and easy to navigate layout.  The downside is the banner ads which can be quite distracting – otherwise a good resource.



Do you have any suggestions for this list?  Add them in the comment field below.

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