Confessions of a Games Writer

“I’m a games writer” is never a satisfactory answer when asked what I do for a living – it is either met with complete disdain or the polar opposite of prying interest. I write and edit dialogues, scenarios, back-stories, characters and also item and mission descriptions for every little bit of text that goes into […]

A Ghost Sighting

Halloween is the time of year when I meet with friends and share ghost stories.  I have seen strange, impossible to explain things several times in my life which never fail to put the shivers up a listener upon the telling.  Here is one from my collection: Back when I was about 21, I was doing one […]

Explaining Trump’s Popularity to Germans

As a hyphenated-American and English language teacher living in Germany, I am frequently quizzed by students about Donald Trump.  Earlier in the year his rise as a contender was treated here with disbelief, as if it was some kind of joke.  No, I insisted, it is certainly no joke, it is part of the American […]

West Cross Route to the World

On the 20th anniversary of the Reclaim the Streets action shutting down the West Cross Route (formerly the M41) for a day, the author reflects on that pivotal moment in grassroots activism and the police tactics which crushed the street party movement afterwards… In 1994 I witnessed a young boy run over by a car […]

Simon Jones’s Last Supper

I got to know Simon Jones in the Winter of 97/98 when I was huddled down for the cold months in a Brighton squat.  My life was fairly chaotic at this time and I lived hand-to-mouth.  I wasn’t eligible for benefits due to my “no-fixed-abode” status, so I scraped by each week doing odd-jobs and […]

New Teaching Resources Online

At the teaching seminars I attend I am constantly asked about the technology I use in the classroom.  I like to travel light, and when I see other teachers struggling with stacks of photocopies it seems sloppy to me.  My kit consists of the most basic laptop, appropriate cables and wireless router with a data plan.  With these, […]

My Grandfather the IRA man, My Grandfather the RAF man

My father’s father, Barney Duffy, after whom I’m named, took part in the events of Easter 1916, albeit in a non-combatant role. A thirteen-year-old half-starved product of the tenements, he was a messenger boy for Eamon de Valera’s division at Boland’s Mills during the week of fighting. Within earshot was one of the bloodiest engagements […]