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At the teaching seminars I attend I am constantly asked about the technology I use in the classroom.  I like to travel light, and when I see other teachers struggling with stacks of photocopies it seems sloppy to me.  My kit consists of the most basic laptop, appropriate cables and wireless router with a data plan.  With these, I can speedily plug in to any conference or lecture room and launch into a paperless class with ease.

I still encounter quite a few (usually older generation) teachers who are quite allergic to, or highly skeptical of, the concept of classroom tech.  Of course, this style of teaching is not for “all the time” – these are just tools for enhancing the learning experience.  Videos, slides, audio or other screen-based interaction rarely exceeds 30% of the overall class time.  It is more about the willingness, and preparation, to utilize the objects, and tackle the associated language, which students have to work with every day in an increasingly connected world.

In the new Teaching Resources section of my website, I present explanations (with easy link references) of my Simplified Tech Set-Up for classrooms.  This is to aid those who are new to the concept and show the path to modernizing their approach.  I also include some links to non-screen-based games and activities which always lead to a lively class.  I round off my recommendations in this new section with a list of online resources for teachers which I have consistently found useful.

Some other elements of the Teaching Resources section are in development.  I plan, in the next few months, to add a number of downloadable “Powerpoint Karaoke” slide bundles.  These are fun exercises in which the student has no idea what they will be presenting, and so is forced to improvise, with often hilarious results!

In the meantime, do explore, and please generously link!

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