1000km Cycle to Save the Rhino

This summer I am going to get on my bike near Cuxhaven at the mouth of the Elbe, one of Europe’s mightiest rivers, and will start cycling against the flow, along the banks, until I reach Prague, almost exactly 1000km upstream.  I will make the route solo, in 10 days (100km/day), travelling across seven German states and into the heart of the Czech Republic.

I will be doing this massive cycle challenge in aid of Save the Rhino, a charity which supports conservation schemes for this wonderful yet perilously endangered species.  Save the Rhino creates and supports initiatives for maintenance and policing of wilderness refuges for rhinos in southern Africa.  Illegal poaching has drastically increased in recent years, and a drastic response is necessary.

Please sponsor me on my challenge, and do what you can to save this magnificent species from imminent extinction:

Donors in Europe, please use this link.  In North America, click here.

Contact me directly about corporate sponsorship, I will display your brand on my bike, back or head, while I cycle through several sizable German cities along the route.

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  1. Post-cycle update:

    Mission Complete!

    Thanks all for contributing to my Elberadweg challenge! I have been informed by Save the Rhino International that the funds raised will go directly to the rangers in Hluwluhe-iMofolozi Park in Zululand, SA, to re-equip the mounted unit with new saddles, brushes and tack, which they sent a request for earlier this year. So, in a way, I can say I worked my ass off in the saddle so the rangers don’t go raw in theirs!

    1242 kilometers were cycled in 15 days, somewhat ruining my intended average, but a slight pain in my left knee made me take the stages cautiously. I was happy to spend some hours each day soaking in the nature and the culture too! The northern stages were made from April 12 to 14, 2013, leaving Hamburg going North on the right bank to Cuxhaven and returning on the left bank. The southern stages began on April 23, arriving in Prague on May 5. There was a one day stop in Dresden for rest and bike repairs, and two days in Prague for beer drinking as a form of reward. The weather held out for the most part, overcast and windy half the time. I had one day (through Magdeburg) in which the rain did not stop for a single second. At least three days of wonderful warm sunshine and t-shirt cycling in late-April led to some badly scorched wrists.

    Here is a look at the stages and distances:

    Day 1 – Wedel- Hetlingen – Altendeich – Seestermühe – Elmshorn – Fleien – Kollmar – Glückstadt (ferry) – Wischhafen – Hemmoor – Wingst – 112km

    Day 2 – Cuxhaven – Kugelbake – Otterndorf – Neuhaus(Oste) – Cadenberge – Wingst – 55km

    Day 3 – Wingst – Oberndorf – Osten – Großenwörden – Himmelpforten (Hammah) – Stade – Grünendeich – Jork – Cranz Finkenwerder (ferry) – Hamburg (Ottensen) – 84km

    Day 4 – HH-Ottensen – HH-Moorfleet – Lütjenburg – Zollenspieker (ferry) – Stove – Tespe – Lauenburg – 76km

    Day 5 – Lauenburg – (crossing into former East) – Boizenburg – Neu Bleckede (ferry) – Bleckede – Neu Darchau – Hitzacker – 69km

    Day 6 – Hitzacker (Süd route) – Gorleben – Schweden Schanze – Schnackenburg (ferry) – Wittenberge – Storchendorf Rühstadt – 88km

    Day 7 – Storchendorf Rühstädt – Havelburg – Sandau – Schönhausen – Tangermünde – 83km

    Day 8 – Tangermünde – Kehnert – Rogätz – Wasserstrassenkreuz Mittelkanal – Magdeburg – 97km

    Day 9 – Magdeburg – Elbenau – Dornburg – Steckby – Aken (ferry) – Dessau/Roßlau – 88km

    Day 10 – Dessau/Roßlau – Würlitz – Coswig (ferry) – Lutherstadt Wittenberg – 48km (knee injury)

    Day 11 – Lutherstadt Wittenberg – Elster – Klöden – Pretszch – Dommitzsch – Welsau – Torgau – Belgern – 94km

    Day 12 – Belgern – Riesa – Meißen – Dresden – 95km (ball bearings shatter in left pedal, need replacing)

    Day 13 – Dresden – Pirna – Königstein – Schöna – Dēčín – 95km

    Day 14 – Dėčín – Ústí nad Labem – Litomėrice – Roudnice nad Labem – Mėlnik – 99km

    Day 15 – Mėlník – Lužec (ferry) – Kralupy – Rež – Troja – Prague – 67km