New Office – Moving In

Since Gamescom I’ve been wrapped up in what I can best describe as logistical problems with moving in to my new office.  The advantages of choosing this location are plenty; nestled between the trendy Schanzenviertel and the crazy St. Pauli districts, on a quiet dead-end street, an alternative and down-to-earth landlord, a nice co-sharing office partner, and, most importantly, cheap.  The downsides include a property that has seen some neglect over the last couple of decades (as headquarters of a punk/anarchist magazine), some wiring, insect, and renovation issues, which are taking up a lot of time, and the very unfortunate happenstance of some new roadworks beginning directly on our doorstep as we are trying to settle in.

The new location is at Thadenstrasse 118, St. Pauli, 22767 Hamburg, Germany, and has the added advantages of being easily accessible by S-Bahn, and having one of the most beautiful parks, and one of the best Guinness-serving pubs, in the city at the end of the street (both park and pub are named Wohlers, incidentally)!  Although I’m not a coffee drinker, I’ve bought a machine to make caffeine-infused offerings for visitors, and there is a sofa that will help you forget your worries if you fancy dropping by!